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A personal finance planner app typically includes several key features to help users manage their finances effectively. Here are some basic features commonly found in such apps:

Budgeting Tools

Allow users to create and manage budgets for various spending categories such as groceries, bills, entertainment, etc. It may include features like setting spending limits, tracking expenses, and receiving alerts when nearing or exceeding budget limits.

Expense Tracking

Enable users to track their expenses manually or automatically by linking bank accounts and credit cards. This feature helps users understand where their money is going and identify areas where they can cut back on spending.

Income Tracking

Allow users to input and track their income sources, including salaries, freelance earnings, investment income, etc. This helps users understand their overall financial situation and plan for future expenses.

Goal Setting

Enable users to set financial goals such as saving for a vacation, paying off debt, or buying a house. The app can track progress towards these goals and provide insights on how to achieve them faster.

Bill Reminders and Alerts

Send notifications to users to remind them of upcoming bills, loan payments, or other financial obligations. This helps users avoid missed payments and late fees.

Financial Insights and Reports

Provide users with personalized insights and reports on their spending habits, saving patterns, investment performance, and overall financial health. This feature helps users make informed decisions and adjust their financial strategies as needed.